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WorldNiche is one of the best paying affiliate programs there is! Our top rated products appeal to any target audience, they practically sell themselves. The demand never stops so WN affiliates receive regular commissions again and again!

It doesn’t matter what audience you send us, our cutting edge beautifully designed websites will convert. Here at WorldNiche our expert team never quits our sites are constantly being tweaked and revamped to ensure soaring conversions.

By encouraging suggestions and feedback, we have built THE most affiliate oriented program around and do everything we can to put your ideas into practice. With the help of our affiliates, WorldNiche is consistently being touted as one of the most remarkable and biggest money making affiliate programs on the net.

Insuring You Are Paid For Every Sale

World Wide Server Network & Cascading Processors
We have spared no expense to ensure our network technology leaves the competition far behind. Our world wide server network ensures that no matter where your customer is located our sites load at break neck speeds, they're never left waiting to make the purchase. Your income is further assured by cascading processors to ensure no sales are lost due to financial red tape.

We also use an automated monitoring system on all of our sites to ensure maximum up time so your revenue is heavily protected from downtime. No other program offers so much to maximize your payments.

Tracking Via Sessions AND Cookies
Our highly sophisticated, easy to use linking technology provides affiliates with unlimited options and flexibility when linking to our sites. Once a potential customer visits our sites through one of your links we track them through sessions and cookies to ensure that you get every future sale or up-sell from that customer for up to 12 months!

Get paid on mail, fax, and phone orders
WorldNiche offers a phone order line and a customer support team which is available by e-mail. Our customer service operators are in house. They are trained to sell and up-sell every order and are committed to make the most out of every sale, so you earn more money. So you can sit back, enjoy your relaxing time and we will do all the hard work for you.

Satisfied CustomerSatisfied Customer

Your surfers' orders are only taken from customers once they have given your unique “activation code” this ensures you receive your commission for EVERY single sale.

Support and Resources

From the first second you sign up you will be working along-side some of the most knowledgeable marketing experts and designers in the industry with only one goal in mind, to make you rich! Our team of specialists are here to help you along with every step of the way.

Free Website Templates & Design Help For Sites Promoting Our Products

Website template sample Website template sample Website template sample

WN's unique web design service will ensure your site will stand out from the crowd and convert more of your traffic into sales. If you do not have your own site, our affiliate web designers will help design one for you.

Access To WN Affiliate Managers Expertise
Whether you are new to the affiliate game or a seasoned veteran our affiliate managers are here to help. Access a wealth of information such as:

Make Even More On Your Downline

5% Recurring Revenue
You make 5% off of any affiliate who signs up with WN via any of your links. Let other peoples hard work put cash in your pocket!

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